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Refunds and Exchanges

Due to the nature of Digital items, Refunds or Exchanges of these PDF Patterns are not available.

Please notify me immediately if you have discovered a problem with the documents, so that it can be revised, edited or fixed. An updated copy will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Patterns will be emailed to the email address provided by you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Kirsten Thornhill Designs Patterns apart from others?

With over 13 years of experience in Fashion Design, Dressmaking and as a Sewing class Instructor, I combined these skills to bring you these easy to use Patterns. My Patterns and Tutorials are easy to use and understand, without complicated sewing terms and jargon. The Patterns are aimed at Kids Sewing and the Beginner sewist, or anyone interested in enjoying their sewing! The patterns and tutorials are well thought through, and have been tested in many sewing lessons.

What are PDF Patterns?

A PDF pattern is a sewing pattern that has been developed digitally. Pattern pages are tiled over several pages, marked by a border. You would print out the pattern, and paste it together. There is a numbering system, so that it is easy to see how the pattern pieces fit together.

A sewing tutorial is included, and describes the sewing skills and techniques needed to complete the project. Full colour pictures help you step by step.

You can either print this PDF pattern at home, or at a print shop, where they would have a large scale printer.

How do I receive my PDF Pattern?

Once your payment has been completed on the website, an email will be sent you with the PDF Pattern attached. You can download it onto your computer, and print it from there.

How do I print out my PDF Pattern?

Open your PDF pattern by using  Adobe Reader, or similar software. Print out the document, by selecting the ACTUAL SIZE option. (see picture). There is a test square on the pattern, which you can measure, to confirm that the size and measurements are correct.

When printing your PDF pattern, please have a look at your printer settings. PDF patterns must be printed with the setting “Actual Size”. This means that the artwork will not be changes in anyway, but printed as is. Once you have this setting ticked, you won’t have any problems with your pattern.


What is the best way of pasting the Pattern pages together?

Once you have printed out your pattern, trim off the left hand borders. Match the pattern pages by the correlating numbers and text, and paste together with Celloptape or glue.

I’ve found it easiest it you place the patterns together, by working in rows…top row, middle rows, then bottoms rows. Then place the rows together. This might not follow the numbering system though!

Be sure to match up any lines, or pattern markings, as the more accurate you are with sticking the pattern together, the better the project will work out.


Working with your Pattern

I have designed these projects, so that you can print it out, and get sewing straight away.

Once you have stuck your pattern pages all together, you can cut around the pattern pieces, ready to be cut from the fabric.

Do patterns include a copy shop file?

Yes! Included in your emailed attachment is a PDF which has been formatted for printing at a copy shop.

Transfer your Pattern onto a USB flash drive and take it to your nearest printers.

Do you have Paper-Printed Patterns available?

The patterns are currently not available in Paper just yet, but will be available soon.

Can I sell items made from these patterns?

You are welcome to sell products that you have personally sewn, having used my PDF patterns. I have always believed that sewing is an excellent way for people to be entrepreneurial. Manufacturing on a larger scale than what you could sew yourself is not permitted. Please contact me if you could like a license to use these patterns for your sewing classes or larger scale production.

Can I share this pattern with friends?

These patterns have been designed for personal use, and cannot be shared with friends and family. Redistributing, selling and re-producing these patterns is against Copyright Law.