hot to alter a jacket sewing tutorial

I’ve had the pleasure of sewing these Military inspired Jackets for Jaq for a while now, and have just recently finished the latest order. Jaq was unsatisfied with the available farming shirts on the market, but also wanted something a bit different, and with pockets of course!

I started sewing these jackets, after Jaq had approached me to replicate an original British safari hunting Jacket, from about the 1940’s. The jacket requires a few tailoring techniques, and so I set about replicating the Jacket to meet Jaq’s measurements, and translate the styling elements.

Pattern Pieces
Cutting out fabric from my handmade paper pattern

The trickiest part of this project has been to source hard wearing cotton fabric. Alot of the South African fabric mills have closed down, and clothing factories source their fabric direct from China. But we have tried a few different fabrics, from linens, and upholstery fabrics to cotton twills. We’ve had some luck with certain fabrics, but now we have the trouble of sourcing the scarce fabric again!

Upcycled Buttons for Pocket
Upcycling buttons adds a special touch

Adding another unique touch to these jackets, is the upcycled metal buttons. Jaq’s wife, Sandra runs an antiques shop and museum who sources them for the jackets. Reusing and upcycling textiles is really worth it, which I wrote about here.

This jacket has so many techniques I could share, but I will be sharing a few simple techniques on how to get the scalloped edge nice and even on those pocket flaps. You could add this to any sewinng project…skirts, shorts or a pretty blouse.

Chat soon, K

Farming Jacket
Jaq in one of his Jackets