Cool Culottes for the end of Summer!

The start of the year has been a busy one, and the sewing classes are all under way! There are now 4 classes which I teach, all with different interests, and age groups. So be sure to contact me if you, or your child is interested in sewing!

For Today’s Post, I’m sharing the next project that my Wednesday Lunchtime Class has started. Thanks to a class request, we’ll be making these culottes. Slightly high waisted, for some fit, these trousers use pleats to bring in that extra width needed for the wide leg trouser. In this project we learn all sorts of techniques, such as darts, pleats, inserting side seam pockets, waistbands, and also working on a simplified Fly Zip technique.

As always, the project can be personalised, so if you would like to make a shorter length, 5/8 culotte, full length or with a folded cuff, that’s up to you!

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